Contract Services

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Our Facilities
We have the capability to meet your need for manufacturing. Our facilities are outfitted with a variety of tools to help us make just about anything.
Assembly Line
Our manufacturing process includes full assembly line capabilities run by air compressed tools for efficient production.
Wire Harnessing
We also manufacture and assemble wire harnessing to help with your cable management issues.
If you require smaller jobs we excel at providing you professional soldering services.
  1. Contract Manufacturing
    Order custom designed filters, soldering services, wire harnessing, etc. Please contact us for more information
Commercial Air Products
We currently license the Honeywell brand to design and manufacture commercial air cleaners. There are a variety of commercial air cleaners that we offer that perform different functions. Some remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) using activated carbon and potassium permanganate. Others can be used to eliminate harmful pathogens by using internal UV lights.
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Previous Projects

smartecarte - We used to assemble carts for smartecarte until they moved manufacturing moved out of the US.

Hunting Laser Scopes - Another previous project had us producing and assembling laser scope rifle attachments.

Aerospace Soldering - An example of what we have worked on in the past for soldering jobs would be installation of RF shields onto circuit boards.